Apr 15, 2013

In Honduras, Fighting HIV/AIDS Through Music and Theater

From U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
April 2, 2013

In the village of Corozal in Honduras, the Garifuna population, an Afro-Caribbean people on Central America's Atlantic coast, has a very high HIV infection rate. According to CDC, 4.5 percent of this population is infected with HIV -- a rate five times as high as the country as a whole, according to the government. No nation in the Western Hemisphere has a rate that high.

Some of the locals are responding by trying to educate others through traditional music and theater. One participant in the theater group explained that HIV is a problem because some people do not understand it and some young people do not believe HIV exists. She said that theater and other community groups help because they engage people more than pamphlets or books. Dr. Mercy Garcia, who also participates in the play, said that his performances have inspired more young people to join the local theater group and, as a result, the youth lead safer lives.

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