Dec 18, 2013

Honduran Military Colonel Makes Threatening Accusations Against Annie Bird, Co-Director Of Rights Action

December 18, 2013

Source: Rights Action


1.      School of Americas Watch communiqué, establishing also that Colonel German Alfaro received training at the U.S. government funded and operated "School of the Americas" military training institution

2.      What To Do:

o   Write your member of Congress and Senator to denounce this threatening and false accusation, and ask your member of Congress and Senator to contact the State Department and U.S. Embassy to denounce this.

o   Make tax-deductible donations in the U.S. (and Canada) to support Rights Action's work in Honduras and Guatemala in favour of community development and environment and human rights protection.


December 18, 2013

Urge Your Members of Congress and Senator to Denounce this Intimidation of Human Rights Defenders

Last week, School of the Americas (SOA) graduate and Honduran military Colonel German Alfaro made outrageous accusations against a leading U.S. human rights defender, Annie Bird, Co-Director of Rights Action (USA), which is based in Washington, DC.  Colonel Alfaro declared that the military is investigating Annie for alleged subversive activities with campesinos, including filing false reports about military abuses of human rights.

One of the Honduran newspapers, La Tribuna, picked up the story and even ran a picture of Annie, putting her at further risk.* The allegations are completely trumped-up and dangerous given the pattern of violence in Honduras, of which Alfaro himself is a propagator.

Please email your Members of Congress and the State Department to demand that they forcefully denounce this attack on Annie Bird and other human rights defenders.

To email:

Honduras is in crisis right now, as rampant fraud in their recent elections has allowed the current regime to continue the violence and intimidation against Honduran and U.S. human rights defenders. The Aguan Valley is an area where well over 100 campesino activists have been murdered by the military, police, paramilitary, and private security guards.

These attacks on Annie are part of a growing strategy of intimidating and trying to silence international human rights advocates whom report on the state sanctioned violence.

It is especially vital that the State Department speak out given that this attack on a U.S. citizen was carried out by a leading member of the US-funded and trained Honduran military, who himself received training at the School of the Americas.

Ask your Congressperson and Senator to contact the State Department and U.S. Embassy now.

*La Tribuna newspaper article - “Estamos investigando denuncia que una norteamericana desestabiliza en el Aguán”:


More Information: Annie Bird,


Congress: to get info for your member of Congress, and call:  202-224-3121

Senate: to get contact for your Senator, and call: 202-224-3121

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