Jul 21, 2017

Every 22 hours, a child is killed in Honduras

Fuente: Telesur

Every 22 hours, a child is killed in Honduras, according to the campaign group World Vision. 

The campaign, called "We need the whole world to eliminate violence against children," was joined in Tegucigalpa by the Mexican singer Kalimba, who said countries must "raise voices" to "stop the indifference" of society.

It was launched simultaneously in 14 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean and focuses on combating violence that "affects one billion children and adolescents around the world annually".

The representative of World Vision for Honduras, Jorge Galeano, emphasized that the campaign will be directed towards families to make the country safer for children.

Nine out of ten Hondurans believe that the home and church are places where "children are less exposed to risks of violence," while public spaces are the most insecure.

One of every five homicides across the continent is committed against a child.


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