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    Les compartimos las actividades para esta semana. en La Casa del Río, La Antigua, Guatemala.
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    A quick llist on things to love about Guatemala.
  • Guatemalan capital's wealthy offered haven in gated city
    In most of Guatemala City, frantic car horns and "banda" music blast from street corners and buses. In Paseo Cayala, visitors sip on hot chocolate and lattes while perusing storefronts. English-language jingles play on loudspeakers throughout the town centre.
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    Four ex-generals had been bound to proceedings for genocide and crimes against humanity. Nevertheless, on the 15th January 2012, the judge provisionally suspended criminal prosecution against Oscar Humberto Mejía Víctores because of his state of health and ordered that periodic medical evaluations are carried out. The lawyers of Héctor Mario López Fuentes have also argued that his own weak state of health means he should not be prosecuted. Besides these means, others have been presented. Challenges have been filed against the two judges in charge of the investigation, Carol Patricia Flores y Miguel Ángel Gálvez
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    Compartimos cinco cosas que les puede servira para ser feliz en el 2013.
  • Daños graves en el Gran Jaguar de Tikal
    El Gran Jaguar de Tikal, conocido también como "Templo I" de la Plaza Mayor del Parque Nacional ubicado en Petén fue objeto de vandalismo y destrozos durante las celebraciones del 13 Bak'tún el 21 de diciembre del 2012.
  • Mayan Oxlajuj Baktun: End of an Era, More of the Same
    Events in the Guatemalan northern city of Huehuetenango during the much-awaited end of the Mayan Oxlajuj Baktun provide a clear reflection of the divisions and challenges faced by Mayan communities today.
  • Los sitios sagrados recibieron este viernes la salida del sol
    Los sitios sagrados recibieron este viernes la salida del sol y con ello el inicio de un nuevo ciclo maya, tras una serie de ceremonias en los distintos sitios sagrados que dieron inicio desde ayer donde se despidió el 13 Baktún.
  • Guatemala Prepares for the Mayan December 21 Celebrations
    This week, Guatemala is proudly calling itself the heart of the Mayan world. On December 21, the thirteenth b’ak’tun will end, concluding a 90-year academic struggle about the destined outcome of this cosmological event. While new discoveries such as the finding of a new calendar in the Xultún ruins this past May continue to shine new light on the debate, the accepted view is that the world will not end—as some apocalyptic people have speculated.
  • Agendas 13 BAKTUN
    Le compartiomos la agenda de eventos en La Antigua y el resto de Guatemala en la celebración del 13 Baktun.

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