• Reflection
    There was no one moment that struck me the most from my trip to Guatemala this summer. Rather, it was the response of the country to the simultaneous natural disasters it has faced in the past few months: hurricanes, landslides, collapsed highways, sinkholes, volcanic eruptions, and the myriad of problems each brings.
  • HablaGuate
    All the selfless had work of teachers like the one in my example is what made the biggest impression on me during my trip to Antigua.
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    Moments upon entering the painted pillars and walls of El Hato, I was jumped on by a girl in the fifth grade named Soria, and at that moment I broke into a smile, grinning at the smile that carries on her everyday life at El Hato and in Guatemala.
  • HablaGuate
    Photos by Nelson Reed    
  • HablaGuate
    El Hato is a really gorgeous, really poor town. There are only about five buildings, around which spread trails leading to houses (which are all made of corrugated metal and wood)
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     No juzguemos a los adolescentes, unos tristes y depresivos, otros rebeldes, otros se quieren morir, otros curiosos y con morbo sexual, otros agresivos y ofensivos, otros iniciandose en las adicciones, y la lista podría continuar. 
  • Orientacion a la Juventud
    Así como están los tiempos y la situación, muchas personas todavía se hacen la pregunta para qué orientar a la juventud? alguien mencionó y con esos talleres piensan mejorar el mundo?   

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